The Wardrobe

Jane Wolf: Didn’t someone ever told you a horror story or urban legends about a creepy house having a hunted closet? Well I’m about to tell you one experience I had once. I visited my friends house. And my friend “Nekotold me about this house that was hunted and that every family that lived there something bad would happen to them or they just move the next few weeks.

Of course I never believed in ghost or spirits. Later at night. I called Cat and asked her if she wanted to go. With no questions she was already at Neko’s house waiting for the both of us to get out and explore the house. We went to the house. The house was made of old wood, medieval style. The garden had a nostalgic feeling to it. The grass wasn’t green. The flowers were dead do to days without water. Everything looked dark and ominous. Getting in the house. The inside was clean, it had crystal chandeliers, the wood floor was polished, the furniture were from the late 60s but cool.

The tapestry was unique. Nothing me, Cat nor Neko  have never seen before. The curtains were a dark green ending to a shade of black. In front of us was a dark greenish carpet leading to up stairs.

The lights were flickering through time to time but besides that? Everything looked just breath taking.

Heading to the second floor during the process we began hearing soft cries. I ignored it, thinking it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But on the other hand, Neko was shacking a little bit while Cat was laughing her butt off from the inside.

Walking to the west wing, at the end of the hall on the right there was this one room Neko and I found suspicious. In the room everything looked old, wooden walls where scratch, dark wooden floor looked very old and across from us was old wardrobe. Cat was looking at her surrounding’s but stopped walking at the center of the room. Feeling a little scared I hesitated to go in since I felt a dark aura coming from the wardrobe.

Neko on the other hand was taking pictures of old paintings that was laid on the left wall of the room. Neko stopped taking photos and showed me and Cat one picture in particular. He had a pale face when he looked at us. It was no surprise, looking at the screen there was a faint female body mangled and her hair flowing through thing air. I looked at the painting that rested on the wall only to see the same lady but she wasn’t mangled. She was sitting on a chair with her elegant red dress with silver patterns at the hems. Her black wavy hair swept behind her back and her emerald eyes shining at the light framing perfectly her pale skin and pink lips. She was Beautiful, but on Neko’s phone she was angry, scary. Literally a hole different person. She had the same dress but worn out, she had black eye socket with no eyes her beautiful slim body was now a dehydrated body only skin and bones. All mangled up, bleeding in her right skull area and on her neck. I looked away, afraid I would of had puked. Then Cat called us towards a dusty old desk having an old dairy in her hands. We approached to her and revealed the date. 1987.

Dear dairy. I am not sure about my plan on leaving my husband Josh. He has been telling me he has been seeing things and hearing someone telling him what to do. One day I went to his art room and saw the pictures moving and in a closet some black bags and I think I saw something twitch in there and I fear for my life as well as his but. There is no way to change him. I’m afraid I am to run away from this town, and head back to my secret place. Where I’m free from this madness.

~Emma Rusou

Once Cat was done reading the dairy out loud the wardrobe began to shake abruptly, we ran as fast as we could out of the hall way getting out instantly stopped just to hear a screeching female scream in horror. We ran and ran and out of the house promising to each other to never go back in there again.