The secrets of Sophia

Jane Wolf: Let me tell you of my dear old friend Sofia. You see, she wasn’t like most girls. She was always preserved as well for her talents, lost in her little world, she was a shy young lady. She was a member of the crew behind the shows in her school, after school she was an assistant at a nursing home by feeding the old and keep them company and sometimes archive a few folders for the secretaries. Know one knew about her personal life. But everyone loved her for her fun side. When she talks with her friends she does it freely and it’s simply full comedy but of course she was a good friend, always there at bad and good times.

Because she was adored by everyone at our school, she was bullied constantly by two people who always caused nothing but trouble. Max and Corbin.

If you wouldn’t see her in the school yard under a tree reading; she would be somewhere alone drawing. At her home you might think she was happy to be there.

Her mother died when she and her big brother were little to remember her face. Her dad had financial problems since he pays for everything and there were times when he didn’t ate. He asked his sister, aunt of Sofia, Isabella to lend him some money but she wouldn’t give him any thus it barely keeps her standing. Every night he would go drunk, goes to Sofia’s room takes away what ever she has in hand which at times were a book or a sketch book and he would hit her constantly till he would go tired.—

Cat Witch: Wait. So, why didn’t she tell the dad problem with the police?

Jane Wolf: I was getting to that. *let’s out a deep sigh* The reason why she didn’t tell the cops is because she doesn’t want to have that consciousness that he went to jail by her cause.

Cat Witch: Now that’s just dumb! o(-‘д’- 。) I would have done it ages ago if that was my case.

Jane Wolf: True. But remember. She always had that pure love towards other.

Cat Witch: Puff What evah!

Jane Wolf: As I was saying! (;一_一)
So when everyone in the house was asleep she would go to the bathroom’s cabinet and take some sleeping pills so she would be in her crazy dreams forgetting about this world she thought it was cruel. She once dreamed of her family actually having a good time, but deep down she knew that was never gonna happen. Her brother Angelo was going in a wrong path. You would see him as the shy nerdy type. But that was just a facade he would do to disguise his true self.

Every time he goes out he would say to Sofia to never go to his room and then head out. He would go out to meet his mob boss Boltio.

Angelo was working for him, saving the guns and transporting them to place to place so the cops wouldn’t find it. Boltio mentioned Angelo once that if he ended up in trouble that he should forget about him and he wouldn’t save him instead he would go into hiding. One day everything went wrong for Sofia.

Cat Witch: Why? What happened to her in that fateful day?

Jane Wolf: You may want to sit down on this one…
In that day, Sofia was bullied more than usual. She soon knew Angelo got arrested, her dad by the news he went super drunk and hit her more than usual. She couldn’t take the pain no more and she thought of only one solution at the time. She went to get the pills, swallowed every single pill and sat in her bed while looking at her drawings that represented her dreams she knew it wasn’t going to happen in this world. Her eyes felt heavy and a smile plasterd across her face, thinking she was gonna be happy in her world.

The next day Isabella was visiting them but her dad came towards her room to apologize. He knocked on the door but no response he then said through the door that it was him and wanted to talk to her but there was the silence. He then opened the door to see Sofia laying on her bed, lifeless.

He called out for Isabella and both of them cried over her body, Isabella raised her head and noticed something he didn’t. Sofia’s left hand revealed three drawings she made, and on her right was the bottle of the pills she took.

Isabella told her brother to look at the drawings. Tears filled on both of them he first saw a picture of them in the living room smiling at each other seeming to have a good time. The second drawing was Sofia as a mermaid looking at the sun. And the third.

Cat Witch: Say it ALREADY!! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Jane Wolf: The third drawing was. Her sitting on a desk her gaze at the window revealing the sun with pine trees and a book resting at her desk, having a pen at her right hand. They both cried even more for they knew the meaning of each drawing and the secrets she was keeping of her life and talents.

Cat Witch: *sad tone* And how, do you know all this?

Jane Wolf: *holding back the tears* She was my first friend. I knew all this for there was a documentary about her secret life she was keeping inside. And because her father came to speak with me about this. So. This is her secret story.


The Myth


JaneWolf: Once upon a night. A pirate sailing at the night sky on a full moon. Enjoying the cold air rushing on his brown skin and smelling salty waters when he saw a glistening figure standing at his deck, amazed by such beauty he walked towards the figure.

When he got closer the glow would extinguish until revealing the most beautiful woman a pirate has never seen before, with her black wavy hair waving through the salty wind, her abnormally beautiful crystal blue eyes in which one could drown by just seeing them. Her fare skin glowing beneath the moonlight. Who wouldn’t fall for such beauty?

They stared at each other in what seemed like forever, the beautyful woman sang her angelic music later the pirate joining with his deep atractive voice

They stared at each other in what seemed like forever, the beautiful woman sang her angelic music later the pirate joining with his deep attractive voice. Together singing felt so right for them, as it was like a tone. A tone that becomes addictive to a person’s ear. They knew they were meant to be together. Since then, every night they would be together and sing or tell each other there past story.

It seemed like nothing would go wrong for them. That is until, one night that the pirate found the beautiful lady, standing at the dock looking sad with her eyes looking down. Behind her was a muscling middle aged man with a rage expression. Eyes that locked like knifes built to slay. The father denied there love for the beautiful lady was playing a main role for her kingdom.

The father cursed the pirate in been the biggest killer whale in the world and to become blood thirsty for people that crosses his path for the rest of his life

The father cursed the pirate in been the biggest killer whale in the world and to become blood thirsty for people that crosses his path for the rest of his life. The curse was gonna commence in the next day for the pirate. The couple cried and right before the king and the lady would disappear into the water, she purposely dropped a necklace for him to pick. The pirate looked at it and when he looked where they went. In the sea, only two see his beloved as a beautiful mermaid and the father to be the mighty Poseidon.

The necklace was blessed by his beloved and it’s purpose was protection, the power of self-will and a teleport-er. The pirate was sad yet, happy for he knew she was always there with him. Even tho they will never see each other again for his mind was forced to forget his beloved’s face.

Know one knows how this necklace looks like nor if the Urban Legend is true. But if you come across the pirates necklace, and take it? you would be cursed with bad luck and have nightmares when you go to sleep and you would commit suicide due to how much suffering and torture you get from the necklace. For only the pirate can wield it and nobody else.

Written by: _JaneWolf_

For my maiden

The sun is shinning!
The birds are chirping!
My mom waking me up by her screaming.

I am Diana Hearts and this is my boring life. I work as a manwa artist, I have zero friends and I spent most of my days locked up in my room doing my panels for my new manwa. Why is my mom waking me up you say? Well, since I don’t keep track of  time and I can be carefree. She decided to move her stuff  to my house. I tried convincing my  mom I am doing fine without her help but nope.

I got up and went out on a morning run. While running I began scrolling down on my phone on a music I wanted to play  but when I was gonna tap the song, I felt like I crashed onto someone. “Ugh. Oh I am so sorry! I didn’t saw you there. Are you alright?” I look down to see a handsome man. He had caramel skin, amber eyes and black hair down to his shoulder. “It’s quite alright. I wasn’t paying attention either .” He said  while helping me up. He then fixed himself and once we locked eyes it felt like a life time has passed.

 He then fixed himself and once we locked eyes it felt like a life time has passed

He nervously laughed ” I am Ashton Hearts. What is your name?” “I’m Diana Hearts. It’s funny we have the same last names.” He looked like he thought of something that was really important to say but refused to.

He asked me if I wanted to go with him to have some breakfast together at a cafe since he felt bad. I smiled sheepishly but accepted. Inside, he order his food and my favorite dish in which was chocolate chip waffles and moose shake chocolate without asking me.

“Why didn’t you let me order?” I asked him confused. He looked outside the window and smiled while replying. “Because it’s your favorite.” Wait. You know me? Have we met before?” His smile faded into a sad one and looked down, then at me. “So, you don’t remember me?”

He said  faintly u able for me to hear. “What did you said?” He looked hesitant but took out a small red book and the tittle it said in Spanish “Una historia de amor más triste”  “the saddest love story”
In a gold cursive. “Tell me Diana. Do you believe in reincarnation?” “No. Why would I?”

He sighed and caressed the book, he looked sad while looking at that book of his. ‘Am I dreaming? Or did I bumped myself to one of does crazy people?’ “I bet you think I am crazy now.” He said while chuckling. I stayed silent. “Change of topic. What’s your job?”

His sudden change of character made ms surprised but pushed it aside and answered his question. “I work as a manwa artist. You?” He takes a sip of his coffee and replied with his husky voice “I worked as a US soldier and now I am a You Tuber making my own 3D animation series.” The waitress came to our table and placed down our food in front of us.

“I never met a soldier before.” He laughed and started eating, as did I. We talked for what seemed for a few minutes when in reality was for four hours we said our goodbye and head on our separate way. Of course we exchanged our phone number.


Getting out of the shower I decided to continue doing my panels, sitting on the floor I saw a book that looked familiar. Taking it I knew what it was.

“This is Ashton book. What’s it doing here?” I said confused. Looking around me to see if I’m alone I began reading the book. And it all seemed familiar to me. I felt like I was involved on the story. When I looked at the illustrations, I felt like I needed air.

In the illustration it was a woman with dark brown hair that went down her waist, crystal blue eyes and fare skin. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress with silver armor. She was hugging a man with white  long hair down to his waste, amber eyes and cream skin.

The man had a knights armor, was holding her waist with his right hand while the left grasping the hair of the lady

The man had a knights armor, was holding her waist with his right hand while the left grasping the hair of the lady. The lady’s hands were touching his his abs. “Why does this two characters look so familiar?!” I tossed the book across my room out of frustration. Only to show a drawing of a meadow with beautiful flowers, staring at a pond and a letter from the book. I picked it up and read what was in front in golden cursive. To my beloved Dajana Hopes.” Curious, I opened the letter and it read the following.


“Dear Dajana, I am sorry I am not there to see our first born child. My heart hurts when I’m away from both of you, but you know what I must do for our happiness. Please understand. I made this drawing for you. Hope it’s of your liking.

It's the place where we first met

It’s the place where we first met. Remember? I am happy we crossed paths. If we wouldn’t crossed path I think I would still be alongside the king and still be blinded by the wonders of the world. I just want you to know one thing….
Dajana, I love you.”



My head began to hurt and I decided to take some pills and finish my work for today.


Whatever I do, the headache only increases, and everything went black.

I open my eyes and when I look around everything was so familiar. I was in the meadow from the drawing wearing the same dress armor and my short dark brown hair grew longer like the girl. I turned around to see the man from the illustration looking at me with his amber eyes. He walked towards me and showed me a bottle with pinkish glowing substance. “Please drink it.” Confused I took the bottle and hesitantly drank it.

Flash Back 700 years ago

Flash Back 700 years ago

It was night time, laying in the bed cuddling with my husband Anton as he was caressing my swollen stomach.“Our baby will be born pretty soon.” “I wish the baby to be a little princess.”  I was really happy until the curse crossed my mine. Anton noticed about this for I sighed deeply with a sad face. 

He held my chin facing him and he took a moment to think. “I know why your like this, but I promise you I will find a way to brake the spell.” “I do not understand why the witch curse our child. As far as I remember we didn’t do anything to her.” Anton sighed and just placed my head on his shoulder as I drift off to sleep.

Three Weeks Later

My child just came to this world and it turned out to be a baby girl I decided to name our child the name we had chosen for her, Nana. I was happy yet sad for I do not know the where about of Anton.

A week before that

I was in my bedroom rocking a sleepy Nana, I asked for the maids and the guards if they have seen Anton in which they said no. My worry grew more and at night time I fell asleep with Nana next to me, I woke up as I heard Nana screaming. I look up to see the witch taking her away. As I was about grabbed my sword and chase her, she took a blue bottle and tossed it towards me making me collapse and pass out.

He pulled out a glowing red  bottle and opened it and looked at me with sad eyes. “I am sorry, but we have to preserve our souls for when we meet again in another life.” “What-” but before I could finish he poured half of the liquid on me and on himself along with the girl. A burning sensation came to the three of us and cried out in pain and everything went black.

Present time

I woke up in my room, looking outside I noticed it was dark outside. Tears were coming down on my cheeks I got up and when to my balcony and sang a song which also was a special summoning only one’s kindred souls can hear. I sang the song and I felt strong pare of arms around my waste a smile spreaded across my face. “I remember everything now… Anton.” Sounds of tears of joy was heard from Ashton and his hug tightens.

“Wanna see Nana, Dajana? We have missed you dearly.” “She is with you?” He nods and showed me a picture of a beautiful 7 years old girl. “she remembered her last parents which was us and she is happy and eager to meet her mother.” I turn around and lock my hands behind his neck and place my chin on his shoulder while tears coming out. “I finally remember, you came back to me. I missed you.” “I missed you too. My fare maiden.” I smile by my nickname and we passionately kissed. That night was a emotionally happy for me.

Written by: _JaneWolf_

The Wardrobe

Jane Wolf: Didn’t someone ever told you a horror story or urban legends about a creepy house having a hunted closet? Well I’m about to tell you one experience I had once. I visited my friends house. And my friend “Nekotold me about this house that was hunted and that every family that lived there something bad would happen to them or they just move the next few weeks.

Of course I never believed in ghost or spirits. Later at night. I called Cat and asked her if she wanted to go. With no questions she was already at Neko’s house waiting for the both of us to get out and explore the house. We went to the house. The house was made of old wood, medieval style. The garden had a nostalgic feeling to it. The grass wasn’t green. The flowers were dead do to days without water. Everything looked dark and ominous. Getting in the house. The inside was clean, it had crystal chandeliers, the wood floor was polished, the furniture were from the late 60s but cool.

The tapestry was unique. Nothing me, Cat nor Neko  have never seen before. The curtains were a dark green ending to a shade of black. In front of us was a dark greenish carpet leading to up stairs.

The lights were flickering through time to time but besides that? Everything looked just breath taking.

Heading to the second floor during the process we began hearing soft cries. I ignored it, thinking it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But on the other hand, Neko was shacking a little bit while Cat was laughing her butt off from the inside.

Walking to the west wing, at the end of the hall on the right there was this one room Neko and I found suspicious. In the room everything looked old, wooden walls where scratch, dark wooden floor looked very old and across from us was old wardrobe. Cat was looking at her surrounding’s but stopped walking at the center of the room. Feeling a little scared I hesitated to go in since I felt a dark aura coming from the wardrobe.

Neko on the other hand was taking pictures of old paintings that was laid on the left wall of the room. Neko stopped taking photos and showed me and Cat one picture in particular. He had a pale face when he looked at us. It was no surprise, looking at the screen there was a faint female body mangled and her hair flowing through thing air. I looked at the painting that rested on the wall only to see the same lady but she wasn’t mangled. She was sitting on a chair with her elegant red dress with silver patterns at the hems. Her black wavy hair swept behind her back and her emerald eyes shining at the light framing perfectly her pale skin and pink lips. She was Beautiful, but on Neko’s phone she was angry, scary. Literally a hole different person. She had the same dress but worn out, she had black eye socket with no eyes her beautiful slim body was now a dehydrated body only skin and bones. All mangled up, bleeding in her right skull area and on her neck. I looked away, afraid I would of had puked. Then Cat called us towards a dusty old desk having an old dairy in her hands. We approached to her and revealed the date. 1987.

Dear dairy. I am not sure about my plan on leaving my husband Josh. He has been telling me he has been seeing things and hearing someone telling him what to do. One day I went to his art room and saw the pictures moving and in a closet some black bags and I think I saw something twitch in there and I fear for my life as well as his but. There is no way to change him. I’m afraid I am to run away from this town, and head back to my secret place. Where I’m free from this madness.

~Emma Rusou

Once Cat was done reading the dairy out loud the wardrobe began to shake abruptly, we ran as fast as we could out of the hall way getting out instantly stopped just to hear a screeching female scream in horror. We ran and ran and out of the house promising to each other to never go back in there again.